Hello. My name is Eliran Sapir.

You can send me email at e (at) vcboy (dot) com. I will always try and respond.

I tweet here, and list what I work on here.

I subscribe to Mark Cuban, James Altucher and Chris Dixon.

Know this rule of thumb: buy low sell high. That and stay away from non-entrepreneur VCs.

I hate losing more than I love winning, this makes starting a new company really hard when you have 10 great ideas that you reduced from a thousand. My solution: found a partner that picked one.

The secret boils down to the 3 Ls: learning, liberty, leverage. First you learn about a problem then you liberate the mind from doubt (clear vision), then you use leverage (i.e. capital but not always) to solve it.

Married to the game but not in love with all of it.